Home Vs House [English Expressions]

21 Mar
Home Vs House [English Expressions]


How are you today?

It’s Weekend again so we can now relax after a very busy and tiring week.

During the week, we tend to be very busy. Our days are crammed with chores, from working to looking after the children, cooking, cleaning and sometimes even meeting up with friends. MULTItasking is the trend these days.

So when weekend comes all we want to do is to throw ourselves onto the sofa and relax. At times like these, we often tell ourselves “It’s good to be home“.

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the words “house” and “home”?

This is often tricky for English learners.

In general we use “house” to refer to the actual structure or building while “home” is used to mean where you come from or where you feel comfortable and safe, maybe because your family lives with you or people whom you are connected to. There may be hundreds or thousands of houses in your town or city but you will only call one of them home.

I like the English expressions “Home is where the heart is“, “Home, sweet home” and “There’s no place like home“.

Here are the definitions of the words in italics from this message with examples.

to look after: to take care of

Example: I am a housewife. I stay at home and look after the kids.

crammed with: very full of

Example: The subway is always crammed with people during rush hour.

MULTItasking: the situation in which a person does more than one thing at a time.

Example: Women are supposedly good at MULTItasking.

tricky: difficult to do or deal with

Example: It’s a tricky situation; we don’t know what to do!

I hope you have a great day. I’m sure you are looking forward to getting home! When you are happy to get home or relieved to see your house after a holiday, you can say: “Home, sweet home“.

Take care, 🙂

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