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Prefer and Had Better

Prefer and Had Better


Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb. 🙂

This time I would like to share about “Prefer.. to” and “Had better”

PREFER…TO *lebih suka… dari pada…

We can use  “Prefer” if wanna say something that we like  “better”, kata yang digunakan untuk mengungkapkan “lebih suka..”

Formula :

                              S + Prefer + Ving + to + Ving

Prefer juga bisa diikuti dengan selain verb.


  • Which one do you prefer watching to sight seeing? *nonton / jalan-jalan?
  • He prefer education to entertainment (non verb)
  • His friend prefer fiction books to nonfiction books

HAD BETTER *sebaiknya…

Had better usually used for suggestion.

Contoh alternatif kalimat pembantu:

Biasanya digunakan untuk Mesin:

  • Turn off  : Mati
  • Turn On : Nyala

Pakaian dan sejenisnya:

  • Take off : Lepas/melepas
  • Put on   : Memakai


  • Get on  : Naik
  • Get off  : Turun

Suara (spesifik):

  • Turn down  : Kecil/mengecilkan
  • Turn up      : Naik/menaikkan


  1. He is studying, you had better turn down the type radio
  2. the weather is raining, you had better put on the raincoat
  3. This floor is dirty she had better mop the floor

That’s all ’bout “prefer” and “had better” 🙂

feel free to correct my article if any some mistake, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any question, or go to discuss forum here.

Thanks, 🙂

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

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